Love Your Work: Make Your Job Your Hobby

If your work involves something you’re passionate about you are a lucky person, particularly as it can bring enjoyment to your working life. Unfortunately, a lot of people have to put up with employment that does not satisfy them, and this makes going to work each day something they must do to pay those bills. If your life is going this way, step back and think again.

Hobbies and personal interests can be turned into satisfying and profitable careers. Many things you enjoy could offer a potential new, exciting and challenging career: flying, gardening, pottery, cookery, carpentry, needlework, playing a sport, writing, car racing and so on. The key thing is to play to your strengths and choose from your interests something that allows you to grow as a person in a stimulating way.

Here is a selection of our top tips about how to love your work:

  1. Always play to your strengths as this is your path to happiness at work. When your strengths don’t match your current role, you might feel less motivated and involved – perhaps to the point of wanting to change careers.
  2. Look around for better opportunities within your current company, and ask to be involved in projects that allow you to use your strengths to their fullest. You might not have to find a new employer in order to shine, the job you are looking for could be under the same roof. Keep your eyes open, and network with those that can influence your career.
  3. Don’t let anyone put you down, show determination to succeed. You can achieve just about everything you want by being proactive and being resilient to any knocks you encounter along the way. If someone doesn’t believe you are not good at something, don’t let their view dictate your own. Give it a try, and if you’re very good at it, incorporate that activity into your working life. Remember, your success will always begin with you.
  4. Think about the tasks you find both satisfying to do, and which stimulate you mentally and emotionally in a positive way.
  5. Use the ‘mirror of life’, or in other words don’t be afraid to analyse yourself. By looking at the highs and lows of your life you will uncover what really makes you tick. Think about how they apply to your personal life, your job and career. You will discover what you enjoyed or loathed; what you were good at doing and many other negative or positive details or your story that can guide your path to a better future. Self-analysis is one of the hardest things to do, but it is invaluable.
  6. Ask others about their perceptions of your strengths. While it’s not a good idea to let people put you down, it is a good idea to find some people who aren’t afraid to tell you about how they perceive you. Start with people you trust, asking them: “What in your view are my strengths and weaknesses?” You can then assess the validity of their views by asking other people who might not quite have such a close connection with you as a friend or family member.

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